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Tradewinds PetroTrade provides the project experience needed to bring your projects to completion. Incorporated in Singapore and headquartered in the United States, we maintain international offices and presence in North Africa, Middle East, United States and Southeast Asia.

Careful project selection entails proper oversight in Operations, Construction, Logistics, Purchasing and Analysis. Our company has extensive experience in EPIC projects including feasibility studies, Inspection Programs and Service Evaluations.



Our strategy is to maintain our client focus. Forging close and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients results in overall success and timely project completion.  Our experience in the procurement, engineering and services facets of the Oil & Gas business consists of refineries, gas plants, ammonia plants, Government National Oil Companies, small to medium-sized independent E&P companies, operating companies and contractors.



Assisting our customers in sourcing quality materials and equipment has been a staple of success for our company since it's inception.  With deadlines to meet and critical emergency materials required to avoid a shutdown are integral to the supply chain. 

With key locations across the globe, Tradewinds PetroTrade is poised to assist your team in obtaining the best quality materials with the best service.


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    Our Procurement Services Division is a supply-chain management entity that maintains relationships with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of an assortment of oilfield equipment, materials and refinery valves, actuators and instrumentation. Through our network of associates, Tradewinds PetroTrade is able to assist your company in sourcing the lowest cost, highest quality materials for your projects.

    Efficient supply-chain and logistics management functions afford companies the ability to control spending, maintain a transparent supplier relationship and ultimately ensure timely delivery of product - which is the focus of Tradewinds PetroTrade's objective.

    In addition, Tradewinds PetroTrade has instituted a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) initiative created to cater specifically to our client's immediate needs. With this program in place, a select, highquality and performance-verified supplier base would be established exclusively for each particular relationship. This program would in turn have a streamlined approach which would optimize the procurement function for your overall supply chain strategy. Our Procurement Services Division has the capability to source, package, transport and in certain cases, implement our equipment. We currently have warehousing access in Indonesia, Malta, Ghana, Nigeria and in five port locales in North and Eastern Egypt where Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), assembly, warehousing and installation for our clients can occur.



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    As part of the refinery, petrochemical and Turnaround (TA) services we provide, your team can rest easily knowing you are in good hands.  From plant maintenance to machining and fabrication sites, Tradewinds PetroTrade is your partner in success.

    Areas served: - Plant Audit - HAZOP operations - Heat Exchanger fabrication services - Heat Exchanger repair - Chemical and Feedstocks - Catalyst and Catalyst Support Programme - Operational Support - Plant Logistics Services (PLS)

    Tradewinds PetroTrade has the experience and capability to assist or lead your EPC projects to efficiency and completion! The Tradewinds Technical Group (TTG) - comprised of industry experts in a variety of energy disciplines provide international leadership and Project Management experience to your turn-key projects. Foreign projects require a team which are mindful of local laws and customs while paying strict attention to site planning and cost factors. With the complexities of new projects, we welcome the opportunity to assist your company in bringing your projects to full completion.



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    In 2006, Tradewinds PetroTrade merged our CSA (Chemicals | Solvents | Acids) Division with our Procurement / CRM Division to position ourselves for growth and success. By combining the two divisions, our company is able to strategically purchase, market, supply and manage service logistics while abiding by all HSE regulations.

    Tradewinds PetroTrade maintains a vast global network of ISO-certified producers and manufacturers worldwide to include specialty chemicals, plastics, olefins, commodity chemicals and an assortment of glycols, solvents and acids.

    With a global footprint in mind, we are able to rise to the everyday challenges of our clients. From specialty chemicals to proprietary solvents and acids, Tradewinds PetroTrade has the flexibility to purchase, negotiate and manage all transactions with an eye on strong product quality and cost leadership.

    Application Uses: Refining Applications - Gas Plants - Anode Manufacturing - Plastics Injection - Electrical Wire Manufacturing - Ammonia Production - Automobile Manufacturing - Cement Production


    View our complete CSA Product List here



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    Energy commodities continue to fuel our industry.  With an ever-increasing demand for energy as the global population continues to increase, accessible energy remains a challenge.  Tradewinds PetroTrade markets petroleum coke used in the cement, steel and anode industries, sulfur for cosmetics and sulfuric acid manufacturing and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) used for cooking where accessible energy is limited.

    Transportation of energy commodities remains a vital aspect of the energy industry.  With a dedicated network of inspection agents, vessel owners and ship agents, Tradewinds PetroTrade can assist our customer's with the logistical challenges which arise for bulk transport. As our customers demand expected results, our staff is posed to assist your company with the challenges they face.

    Tradewinds PetroTrade maintains a global network of energy producers with a heavy export focus to the MENA (Middle East North Africa) and Southeast Asia regions.  As a full-service procurement entity, Tradewinds PetroTrade is prepared to assist your company with sourcing of product, paperwork for export to import at destination, vessel nomination if required and surveys for barge and vessels.










Tradewinds PetroTrade's supply chain group provides our customers with global procurement and contracts services in many subsets of the oil and gas industry.  

We have the capability to support larger complex projects in remote locations of the world taking advantage of our global presence. We have the tools, processes, market intelligence and dedicated professionals to meet our commitment to our customersthe responsible purchase and safe delivery of quality goods and services to help strengthen your bottom line.  

e provide complete end-to-end supply chain management (SCM) services as a 3PL in the oil and gas vertical.  Our primary procurement areas of expertise are:

  • Purchasing

  • Expediting  

  • Contracts management

  • Import-export and regulatory compliance 

  • In-House fabrication services

  • Materials management 

  • Customs advising

  • Wide range of producers

  • Shop inspections

  • Customer followup

  • Retrofits and re-engineering of End Of Life (EOL) materials

  • Warehouse & Inventory Management

Supplier Relationship Management Programme

Tradewinds PetroTrade's Procurement Division operates under the Supplier Relationship Management Programme (SRMP).

Under this initiative, we created this programme to cater specifically to our client's immediate sourcing needs.  With this programme in place, a select, high-quality and performance verified manufacturing base would be established exclusively tailored for your specific business line.  This programme would in turn have a streamlined approach which would optimize the procurement function for your overall business sourcing strategy.


Industries served under our SRM programme include, but not limited to:

Petrochemical | Oil & Gas Upstream | Oil & Gas Downstream | Cement Production & Logistics | Cargo Tracking & Logistics | Gas & Regasification Plants | Water/Wastewater | Pulp and Paper


Type of equipment and/or materials Tradewinds PetroTrade can assist your company in sourcing:


Oil & Gas/Petrochemical Sector

Water and Mud Pumps

Sheaves, Shafts and Bearings

Closing Units

Choke Manifolds


Thread Compounds

Hydraulic Components

Air System Components

Blow-out Preventers

Kelly Bushings

Drilling Instrumentation

Centrifugal Pumping Units

Standpipe Manifolds

Dryers - Processing Systems

Valve & Actuator Product Line





Cameron Valves & Measurement


Bestobell LNG



Truflo Rona




Bettis (Emerson Process Management)

Water Filtration & Products

Cooling Water Towers

WaterJetİ Technology

Filtration Systems including Water Purification Systems

Sanitation Equipment & Piping

Water, Gas and Oil Linkages

Complete Turn-key Water Systems (Commercial)

Construction Equipment

OSHA Safety Rated Scaffolding


Rotary Tables

Crown/Travelling Blocks

Clips, Clamps & Pins

Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproofed Lighting Assembly

Construction Rigs/Platforms

Trestles & Stands

S.C.A.D.A. Applications

Instrumentation & Measurement

SCADA Communications Applications

Historical Data Logging and Analysis

SCADA/GPS Data Logging

Real-Time Data Historian

Dual Redundant Servers

Alarm Messaging/Alarm Management

Web-Based Reporting Tools

Metering/Pipeline Leak Detection and Monitoring (PLDS)

Embedded and Applied Computing

Automation Controllers

Industrial I/O

Oil & Gas, Food Service, Water/Wastewater Applications

Pressure and Flow Metering


Motors, Pumps, Cabling

Crating and Inspection

Procurement - Out of Production Parts and Spares

Ultra MW Generators

Heavy Machinery/Trucks


Automation & Control Technology

Hoist/Gantry Cranes









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     01 October 2020  

     Tradewinds PetroTrade Houston has relocated offices. Please make note of our updated office address:
    701 North Post Oak Blvd. Suite 665 Houston, TX 77024

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     09 May 2020

     COVID-19 Updates

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     20 July 2017  

     Tradewinds PetroTrade has an Updated E-Business platform which provides further flexibility for purchasing and cargo tracking to our customers.

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     8 January 2017

     FAI Carvico SpA. and ValForge Srl. of Italy have appointed Tradewinds PetroTrade, LLC. and it's international affiliates as sole Representative Agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  This Agreement serves to enhance both FAI Carvico's and ValForge Srl's reach into the Middle East to showcase their specialty products including, but not limited to, pressure vessels, shell & tube heat exchangers, scraper traps, subsea wye connections, pressure components, open die forging pieces and flanges.



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