Tradewinds PetroTrade CSA Product Listing
Perchloroethylene ISOFORM*  Sodium hypochlorite  Sulphuric acid
 Hydrochloric acid  Polyvinyl aluminum  Ferrous sulphate
Piperylene C-5 cut (60%)  Ferric chloride  Phosphoric acid
 Pure ethylene glycol DCPD  Caustic soda (50%)
 MIBK Methyl isobutyl ketone  MEROX WS Catalyst (UOP)*  Ammonium hydroxide
 Sodium chloride  Pentane (C5H12)  Methyldiethanolamine
Amides  Diethanolamine  Hydrofluoric acid
 Reagent and Ungraded solvent  1,1,12-Tetrafluorethane  Formic acid
 Nitric Acid, Reagent  Silicon antifoam SAG 100E  Promoter P 500*
 Fluorocel 830 (Porocel)*  Calcium chloride (CaCl2)  Caustic potash 48% weight solution
 Monoethanolamine Liquid 98/99%  * indicates patented items  

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