Tradewinds PetroTrade Quality Policy

Tradewinds PetroTrade and it's affiliated companies, are committed to providing the best possible and quality business experience. Our most important criterion of quality is the satisfaction of our customers. By maintaining our customers full confidence by meeting and exceeding expectations, the hallmark of Tradewinds PetroTrade is ultimate satisfaction.

It is the policy of Tradewinds PetroTrade to provide error-free products and services in an agreed upon time and manner that meet and exceed customer requirements. Maintaining quality and customer satisfaction are characteristics instilled in each and every member of Tradewinds PetroTrade.

Tradewinds PetroTrade recognizes the importance of high quality management to abide by our Quality Policy. It is the duty and responsibility of our management to communicate this message while making a consistent effort to improve upon our Quality Policy. To achieve this objective, Tradewinds PetroTrade has instituted a company-wide Quality Control system and a Quality Assurance system which is applied to each and every project.

Earning our customers' trust and complete confidence takes fulfilling our obligations in that we will deliver superior products and services ensuring both customer and shareholder value.

If you may have any questions or concerns, please contact us